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About My Layouts

Layouts are very hard to make so don't copy them and take credit for them as i have spent many hours making them. I have provided some ready made layouts that you can use or I can make one for you personally, if you wish a personalized layout please PM me on howrse my username is Debarch. I must say all my layouts are FREE as i think it's silly to have to pay equus, passes or even real money for a layout. I am putting information on html codes so you can try and make your own layouts, it always helps to have some background knowledge on html codes.

I'd just like to say a masive thanx to moominum for helping me touch up my layouts and giving me the odd bits of codeing. Her name will be credtited on layouts that are a bit like hers or she has helped me with (with her permision). Some of my ready made layouts are avaliable at www.howrseinfo.com, you may know moominum as the creator of that site.

This site is created by debarch and is designed specially for helping you with making howrse layouts and some ready made layouts are avaliable for FREE.