Yes, I have deleated ALL my info on how to make your own layouts because i am protecting my copyrights. Copying a layout I have made is illegal and against the law, and i am trying to prevent this copying from happening again.. so this info has been deleated for the time being.. if you wish to contact me on the matter please do so by pming me on howrse at debarch.

Copyright in my case means that you CAN copy a ready made layout and my name MUST be kept on it and the layout CAN'T be used as a base for you to just change colours etc.. and be classed as your own! You will be found if you are caught doing this and action will be taken. If you have a ready made layout and you would like me or yourself to change it you MUST ask me first and ill give you help and advise. With a custom layout, the only user of that layout can use it and any copyiers will get in troubble.

Watch the videos below i am sure that most of you have seen them.. the same applies for my layouts

This site is created by debarch and is designed specially for helping you with making howrse layouts and some ready made layouts are avaliable for FREE.